Senior Stylist 

Naoto Ikeda made his journey to our Dubai-based team from Osaka, a major port city and commercial centre of the Japanese island of Honshu. 

With his multifaceted skill set, Naoto has spent his professional career bringing out the best in each of his clients.



As an top tier hair stylist, also as a trainer Naoto applies his specialised industry knowledge of Japanese hair treatments into digital and straight perms. This requires an in depth understanding of chemistry and product knowledge, alongside extensive hair analysis experience.



Naoto is also an accomplished photographer for "Tokeidai" - an online international kids model competition.

​Seek his styling advice today!

Yumi Yakushijin

Managing Partner & Creative Director

Yumi Yakushijin started her hairdressing career as a young girl, honing her skills through years of rigorous training in Japan. While she never thought she would live in another country, she ventured out after 12 years of hairdressing in Japan. She has been working in Dubai since 2010, and firmly believes that fashion allows people to be whatever they want through their choices in clothes, makeup, grooming and styling. Over the last 4 years in Dubai, she has built a diverse loyal clientele across different nationalities and professional backgrounds, who appreciate her technical skills, discretion and warm personality.


Since establishing Salon Nadeshiko, Yumi has been working towards building her dream of a haven for good stylists to showcase their talents. She enjoys the challenge of building looks, and with her small but talented team, increasing handles fashion, film, PR and advertising requests.